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  1. Connect or Die
    Connect or Die:
    If you do it alone, you’ll crash. Connect to others with your digital umbilicus, jump into the virtual abyss, and continue to lengthen the cord.
  2. Don’t Default 
    Don’t Default:
    Webinar platforms come with default settings. Learn what they are, try them, move beyond them, then throw away the manual and author your own.
  3. Shut Down the Ugly
    Shut Down the Ugly:
    Beautify all aspects of your webinar—email, presentations, handouts, social media, marketing, and the webinar experience.
  4. Captivate or Alienate
    Captivate or Alienate:
    Engage your audience and hold them virtually accountable through what they see, hear, and do.
  5. Humanize the Screen
    Humanize the Screen:
    There’s a person in that screen. Get them out. Look at them, talk to them, listen to them, and give them room to think.
  6. Crack the Feedback Code
    Crack the Feedback Code:
    Learn how to identify visible and invisible feedback codes, and the 4 cyphers used to decode them.
  7. Cage the Monsters
    Cage the Monsters:
    Webinars can be deadly — for your webinar — if you don’t cage the content, technology, and delivery monsters.

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312 Signed

  • 312. Betsy Wagner (Highland Park, United States)
  • 311. David Röthler (Salzburg, Austria)
  • 310. Turxyt@qqtnmn.com Turxyt@qqtnmn.com (Turxyt@qqtnmn.com, Armenia)
  • 309. Paula Anton (Troy, United States)
  • 308. Carsten Blumenstein (Munich, Germany)
  • 307. Jeffery Kirk (Cuyahoga Falls, United States)
  • 306. Andrew Herkert (St. Paul, United States)
  • 305. Laura Ellis (Oak Brook, United States)
  • 304. Gerd Schulze Weischer (Munich, Germany)
  • 303. Shari Hanlon (Santa Barbara, United States)
  • 302. Svetlana Shapovaliants (Moscow, Russia)
  • 301. Lisa Haulotte (Waukesha, United States)
  • 300. Tanya Smith (Dallas, United States)
  • 299. Rajaa Alburaie (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
  • 298. Leslie Degen (Waterloo, Canada)
  • 297. Colin Robinson (Truckee, United States)
  • 296. Lawrence O'Connor (London, United Kingdom)
  • 295. Raegan Downing (Scottsdale, United States)
  • 294. Russ Fortier (Florence, United States)
  • 293. Susan Castillo (Denver, United States)
  • 292. Joy Henderson (Grand pralrie, United States)
  • 291. Marisa p gaytan Gaytan (Brownsville, United States)
  • 290. Bonita Linder (Blaine, United States)
  • 289. Vicki Hall (West Orange, United States)
  • 288. Aminah Trahan (Lake Charles , United States)
  • 287. Ruby Bohannon (Irving, United States)
  • 286. Peggie Chan (Syracuse, United States)
  • 285. Bo Zoffmann (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • 284. Fatima Patterson (Irving, United States)
  • 283. Kristin Lawson (London, United Kingdom)
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